Celiktas continues with its environment protection activities within the social responsibility concept and it does not discharge any waste that is harmful for the nature.

Our activities, which we are carrying out with regards to this environment protection consciousness of us, include the following;

At the Mines:

  1. - Filling and levelling of the voids, which have been created due to the excavation of the mine from the quarry,
  2. - Forestation,
  3. - Complete wire fencing of the fields.

At the Plants:

  1. - Reuse of the waste water, which is generated after enrichment process, after treatment,
  2. - Transportation of treated silica sand wastes to the mining site after they have been pressed and formed in cake form,
  3. - Complete covering of the washed sand stocks,
  4. - Removal of the dust, which is generated from the sand that is dried, with the use of filters,
  5. - Fencing of the perimeter of the plant with 6m high panels in order to avoid the people living around being disturbed,
  6. - Prevention of the dust formation by covering the whole of the plants with concrete surfaces.

Environmental Measurements:

The below indicated measurements are made every year regularly.

  1. - Noise Measurement
  2. - Drying Chimney Emission Measurement
  3. - Breathable Dust Measurement
  4. - Settled Dust Measurement
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