Foundry Industry

Döküm EndüstrisiThe foundry sand we produce for the Foundry Industry, which is in the region of 5 AFS, is a must for foundries with its features of high abrasion resistance, low fire loss, high sintering temperature. Its grain size, its high silica content (%99) and low clay ratio (max. %0,25) provide for low amount of resin consumption for making of the core and the mould.

Construction Industry

Yapı EndüstrisiSilica Sand is used in sectors of; Tile-Ceramic Adhesives, Grouting Mixtures, Surface Hardeners, Glass Wool Production, Fibre Reinforced Precast Production, Industrial Paints, Road Markings. Silica Sand is resistant against high level of abrasion and against weathering and has high degree of chemical stability. Celiktas Silica Sand provides for the production of the products with the required performance for the construction sector due to its chemical purity (min.%99 SİO2).

Treatment Plants

Arıtma TesisleriSilica Sand is a mineral that is suitable and economical for the filtration process of water and many other liquids due to its pack density that is formed in relation to its grain size. Silica Sand is used for drinking water conditioning, industrial water conditioning, waste water clarification and at treatment plants. It provides long term use for the filtering processes due to its high abrasion resistance.

Glass Production

Cam ÜretimiSilica Sand is the basic ingredient of the glass due to its SİO2 content. The issues like the purity, grain size, etc are very important for the production of glass. Existence of other minerals could cause form and colour deformations for the glass. Silica Sand is also used for creating various patterns on the glass surfaces by the use of spraying method.

Sportive Fields

Spor AlanlarıSilica Sand is used on beach volleyball fields, children play grounds, golf courses, artificial fields, horse racing courses and horse training courses and for areas of gardening, landscaping, etc. It enables the fields to be used for long periods of time without any possible damage since it provides for the drainage of the surface water due to its high degree of water permeability and low amount of clay ratio.

Pipe Production

CTP BoruSilica Sand is used for the CTP Pipe production together with glass wool, glass fibre and with resin in order to provide strength for the pipe. It is used for the clean and waste water steel pipes in order to increase its resistance against corrosion by coating the inner surface.

Surface Cleaning (Production of Abrasives)

Yüzey TemizlemeSilica Sand is suitable for the use in processes like, surface preparation, cleaning, forming, ageing, etc due to its high degree of abrasiveness and its hardness. It can be applied by the use of various equipments like pressurised spraying (air or water), sanding paper.

Anti Skid Sand

Patinaj KumuSilica Sand is used for the railways and trams for safety purposes in order to avoid possible icing and skidding,

Chemicals Sector

Kimya SektörüSilica Sand is used for the production of Sodium Silicate.

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