Within the scope of silica sand production, in all activities performed by ÇELİKTAŞ
● Making delivery on time by using resources effectively from production to delivery in every phase
● To establish a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement
● To ensure the highest customer satisfaction by understanding costumer needs and evaluating their feedback
● Training all employees to become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level with spirit of teamwork
● To eleminate the all risks in process and ensure sustainability for quick, solution oriented production and delivery on time
● To use energy resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably
● To protect environment and natural resources while we are running our operations
● Following technological devolopments closely and using them efficiently
● Being a company that offers the highest quality and reliable products among the competitors in the sector and ensures its continuity.
● To obey rules and comply with contractual obligations, mandatory standards
These commitments, which also support our goals in terms of quality, have been adopted as our quality policy
To become the best trade mark in Turkey, in silica sand production.
We do not produce only SAND!